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What I Am Currently Working On

Posted on 20/2/08 by Tim Koschützki

Yeah so I told you Felix and I are having some neat plans for the near future. I also told you we both are working on and will release some open source goodness on our new Debuggable Site. So well, what am I for one working on?

An Image Library.

Yeah, a very neat one that supports layering and all of the good stuff, including:

  • Several methods of resizing, cropping, cutting, flipping, trimming, rotation
  • Format conversion
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Transparency among many layers including several blending methods
  • Adding shapes, polygons, boxes, texts, ..
  • Convenience methods for thumbnailing and captchas
  • Adding borders and frames to images and layers
  • Watermarking
  • Custom creation of gif animations
  • Effects like gaussian blur, invert color, color replacement, emboss, brightness, contrast, ..
  • Image quality improvement

I think it's going to be pretty neat, because it is also wrapped into a nice OOP interface that supports Jquery-like chaining. It has a good test coverage so far using Test-driven Development and unit tests. Integration testing, basically in my case how the different layer effects work together, is not so easy, but I should be fine.

Here are two examples of what can be achieved with the library in very few codelines:

Many layers

Line Drawing


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ak  said on Feb 26, 2008:

Found this on Debuggable - sounds good, with the chaining and all.. when will we be able to have a look? I'm curious..

Tim Koschuetzki said on Feb 26, 2008:

Hrm well debuggable is going to need some work and then the new version of posttask. But after that I will make a first beta release of this. : ]

Would you be willing to help test some?

Travis Cline said on Mar 10, 2008:

Hey Tim,
how are you testing output? If you're doing bitmap comparison, what's your path for generating the success images?

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