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What happens if you don't update your Blog regulary!

Posted on 6/10/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

Not too long ago, I made a promise to you as my readers. I promised that I would post one useful tip regarding the excellent CakePHP Framework every day for a period of 10 days. I also said what I would do if I would miss one day of posting:

In case I break my promise and miss only 1 day of posting a new tip (my time zone is GMT+1), I’ll take & post a picture of myself putting my face into a cake.

After already doing 14 posts (checkout the list on in 8 days, I missed to do a post on day 9. It was Friday, I was tired and the next thing I remembered was waking up on my couch, knowing that I had missed to post a tip. So I admited, that I had lost my bet, and now it was time to take the beating.

Let's start with a picture of the Cake itself. It was a cheap frozen one that I picked up from a bigger store in the city. So far nothing special. But while I was preparing everything and the Cake was already sitting on my desk, he was smiling at me! Now you wouldn't believe that, but fortunately I was able to capture a shot of him doing that right before he turned back into a normal Cake, pretending it had never happened:

The evil Cake

Now even so my Cake seemed to have a great time, I didn't feel exited about this entire proccess at all.

Felix isn't exited

But well, I had to do it, and this time it was the Cake that didn't seem to have any fun. In case you have moral or religious concerns about violence against Cake's, you should probably skip this image.

The smashed Cake

And here comes my final punishment - getting the Cake all over my face. For those of you very interested in details: Yes I know there is one piece of Cake on my upper lip, and yes I am German, but NO this did not happen on purpose - I am no Cake nazi, I swear.

The eagle has landed

After the initial shock, I got angry at the Cake that had put me into this entire situation:

Getting angry at the Cake

And finally another shot of the blogger that didn't update his blog regulary. This one is looking rather awkward, but so what:


So, I did it. I embaressed myself in the open public, and nobody is probably ever going to hire me again. But at least I've not broken my promise and shown the blogging community what can happen if you don't update your blog regulary. May other's be more lucky then I was ...

Please don't forget to digg this story, thanks!

--Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Tom said on Oct 06, 2006:

Yeah Felix! *thumbsup* :D

Lucian Lature  said on Oct 07, 2006:

You rock, dude!....:)) look awsome...dugg it!

m3nt0r said on Oct 07, 2006:

looool -- i always thought that i am a crazy guy :D

for this i will reactivate my old digg acc i never really used and digg you. thumbs up ^^

sole said on Oct 07, 2006:

HA! You deserved it! Ha ha!
No, just joking... will digg this so you remind it for the next time, and don't break your promises :P

take care :)

Dieter@be  said on Oct 08, 2006:

great job :)

Gustavo Carreno  said on Oct 08, 2006:

Hummm, hummm, and humm-hummm, that cake looks tasty !!! Even with your face behind it mattey !!

Thumbs up, You lost, you admited it and took the punishment, so you got my digg !!

Cheers mate,
Gustavo Carreno said on Oct 09, 2006:

Endlich mal einer, der sein Wort hält :D...

Der Jung hinter “ThinkingPHP and beyond” hat vor ein paar Wochen Versprochen regmäßig insgesamt 10 längere Artikel zu CakePHP zu veröffentlichen. Leider hatte er einen Vergessen, dafür ist er jetzt ne Torte


Boris  said on Oct 09, 2006:

You are great. jajaja cool man, keep the great wotk!!!

Felix Geisendörfer said on Oct 09, 2006:

Seems like I'm the only one who didn't enjoy it ... : ).

Pere said on Nov 20, 2006:

You're crazy men!!

[...] So, this and the last post were more in the “ask my readers”-”whine about life” category then I would have liked them to be, but I’ll make it up with some useful CakePHP posts this week, I promise. However, no cake bet will be involved this time ; ). [...]

[...] What happens if you don’t update your Blog regulary! [...]

jobbox said on Feb 07, 2008:

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