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Posted on 17/8/07 by Felix Geisendörfer

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Hey folks,

just a quick post saying that I'll be on vacation for one week beginning tomorrow. The plan is that me and a couple friends will drive up north where we rented a little house at a big lake. The overall goal is to chill, play beach volleyball, drink beer and maybe fish a little. I''ll not be bringing a laptop as I've gotten really exhausted with work over the past months and need a *real* break. The good news is that I'll soon quit client work for at least 3 months in order to contribute back to CakePHP in a more serious manner then so far as well as to take the time to finally launch my own business ideas and do some more blog postings along the way. A relaunch of the blog itself (which has been planed for what - a year now?) is also likely to happen to during this time : ).

If you need to discuss problems or make suggestions about the things you find on here while I'm gone, feel free to use the comment system. I get an email whenever a comment is made and usually try to stay on top with responding to everybody.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Brian said on Aug 17, 2007:

Everybody needs a break! I hope you enjoy your vacation and come back refreshed.

snowdog said on Aug 18, 2007:

Have fun and come back with another great ideas!

Daniel Hofstetter said on Aug 18, 2007:

Enjoy your vacation and have fun!

Tim Koschuetzki said on Aug 19, 2007:

Happy beaching, Felix. ;]

Tim Koschuetzki said on Aug 19, 2007:

Been practicing a lot myself the last day. Remember our plans. ; ]

CraZyLeGs said on Aug 22, 2007:

I Took my break already, in turkey marmaris, nice place.
Enjoy your vacation and come back charged :P

Dan Ballance  said on Aug 29, 2007:

Hey Felix,

Your site here is an absolute treasure. I have been working with cake for about 6 months or so now and love it more and more all the time. Your articles, code and general musings here have helped me all the way from my first baby-steps to my first salaried job developing with cake.

Please really *enjoy* your break - and then come back and share your talents with us! I will watch your business ideas devlop with interest, I think you are going to go a long way and if I had money I would invest in you :-)

So there's my praise for all your hard work, peace to you,


Felix Geisendörfer said on Aug 29, 2007:

Thanks for all your wishes, especially Dans kind words : ).

I've been back from my vacation since Saturday and it was lots of fun an relaxing. Nevertheless the next 2 weeks look like they'll be very busy b/c I need to wrap up client work and take care of all kinds of other things before leaving for my 3 months USA on Sep 6th.

So the real blogging / business / etc. energy is probably going to kick in mid september : ).

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