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Thinking ... What?

Posted on 7/1/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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This is going to be the Weblog of Felix Geisendörfer and Robinson Levin blogging about their experiences with PHP. A lot of this Blog will be just plain code which we are working on that could be useful for other people. But this blog will also deal with other stuff as well. So expect to read stuff about MVC, Drupal, CakePHP, Scriptaculous, AJAX, JSON but not less important: Ways of coding, Organisation of Projects, Code, Real Life, etc.

It's aimed at all (PHP-) programmers that are trying to get faster & better at what they do. Since this applies to us two as well we appriciate every comment somebody makes and will be happy to discuss any of the ideas we will present.

I (Felix Geisendörfer) will also post some of the stuff in German since it's my native language and I feel that there are some German PHP programmers that should be reading that stuff as well.

So we hope you all enjoy ...


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