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Sure, Im a webdesigner! I have Dreamweaver!

Posted on 22/6/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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I usally don't use this blog to link to other blogs because you'll end up with a blogsphere talking about nothing else but the blogsphere at some point (which reminds me of politics), but I just read a great article that qualifies easily for an exception on this policy ; ).

The article has a good analyzation about why so many crappy php / web developers are out there:

It is the blind leading the blind. I always hear ‘Well, the client wanted it this way….’ or ‘The client really liked the way this was done..’ - and that is it, that is the rationalization behind their lack of knowledge for building things improperly. If you are a professional web developer, then it is your job to also EDUCATE the client on what works/what doesn’t work. The problem? The ‘web designers’ don’t know themselves what works/doesn’t work. The result? MANY poorly built sites that do absolutely nothing but sit there - stagnant.

So if that sounds interesting, go ahead and read the full article:


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Ronnie  said on Jun 23, 2006:

I love the Google Ad "Dreamweaver MX - Pre-built script - So you don't have to" just under your post ;)


Felix Geisendörfer said on Jun 24, 2006:

Hmm it's gone now, but that's funny indeed. : P

Emilio Cabezas  said on Jun 25, 2006:

I usally don't use this blog to link to other blogs because you'll end up with a blogsphere talking about nothing else but the blogsphere at some point (which reminds me of politics)

Oh yeah

j_king said on Oct 06, 2006:

There are of course exceptions to every rule. In this case, I've had to give in to client requests despite my attempts to educate them and bestow my hard-earned knowledge to them. More often than not, they paycheque makes the rules.

However, there are a lot of bad web developers out there. And yes, I do attribute a good chunk of the blame to Dreamweaver -- but moreso to the industry itself. See, it's a good thing when our tools become so easy to use that they reach a status of ubiquitousness. Dreamweaver isn't perfect yet, but it's a step towards the day when Joe Average who doesn't specialize in web design can produce documents on Sports Racing as easy as typing something in a word processor. The web is meant for sharing information and making the sharing easier is what I think Dreamweaver is mainly about.

Where we have a problem is in the industry. There's a lack of any professional certifications or governing industry bodies that help raise the bar. This means that your 12 year old nephew can fire up Dreamweaver, learn how to slap together pages and open up shop. With no committees or associations watching the quality bar closely, certifying developers and the like -- the range of talent in the industry is going to be pretty widespread... which leads to the current consumer mentality many of us more "professional" web developers are becoming frustrated with.

If anyone out there thinks I'm right, I wouldn't mind helping to set up a Canadian chapter of a non-profit industry association. Maybe we can make an international effort and get volunteers to start chapters in other countries around the world. Maybe then we can start raising the bar for quality and professionalism.

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