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SpliceIt! - Documentation Alpha available!

Posted on 28/3/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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For the people who have heard of my current project SpliceIt! (and the ones who haven't as well) - there are news:

We just finished with the process of writing the first alpha version of what will become our documenation. The interesting part of it: the documentation contains information not only about the things we've done so far, but as well as of things we're going to do. This is part of our strategy called Documentation Driven Development.

The 0.1 Alpha of our docs can be found here.

It is our first attempt to lay out detailed plans for our project as well as documentation for the things done so far. We hope to get some feedback from it so we can improve things before we mess them up ; ). As more information we get, the sooner we'll be able to publish a preview version of the actual SpliceIt! code.

--Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefefined


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Felix Geisendörfer said on Mar 28, 2006:

I spoke to PhpNut_ and we might change the way our Api's work in a radical way using requestAction(). More about this later ...

Saša Ebach said on Apr 29, 2006:

You may want to check out

DDD (which actually stands for Domain-Driven Development) is actually called Literate Programming and is nothing really new. Certainly a good concept which has never really gotten popular like XP and TDD now are.

Saša Ebach

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