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New Header Design, Convenience Features and TAB Completion

Posted on 9/6/08 by Tim Koschützki

Hey folks,

there are some changes to the website that we would like to tell you about.

1. The old header design ....

Many liked it and some didn't (hah)... Whatever.

As we were waiting for a designer we recently have been working with for a new mockup, Felix had a very cool idea for a new header design which he implemented. The result of it is what you are seeing. The hover effect is going to change a little tomorrow. Any ideas are always welcome. Now is this a design improvement?

2. We added some subscriber-counter to the top right corner right below our "blurb". If you like what we are writing about, you can click on it in order to subscribe to our RSS feed.

3. From now on you can print posts, digg them, stumble them and add them to delicious with some easy links below each post.

4. There is some cool feature now in the comment box I have been working on.

You can now enter the first characters of the name of any person who has commented on the post so far.

Then you hit tab and it completes the name for you.

So this is a very easy means to reply to several people very quickly:

It still needs some tweaking to allow "navigating" through several names that all start with the same chars. As it uses the tab key, it won't work together with the navigation through page elements (that the tab key is normally used for) very well. However, Safari will still focus the next page element.. Oh well.

But hey, if you guys like it, this can be turned into an open source project and receive many more features and feedback.

Oh by the way: I basically stole the idea from Colloquy, one of the famous Mac IRC Clients.

What do you think about the new stuff?

-- Tim Koschuetzki aka DarkAngelBGE

PS: There is some more dough waiting to be mixed in the kitchen.


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Lucian Lature  said on Jun 09, 2008:

First time I saw the new header I thought that you really need some money...then I realized it's all about PHP...or not?...;)

Neil Crookes said on Jun 09, 2008:

Not sure of the header. Think you ought to wait for your designer ;-)

I reckon you could do with a check box on the comment submit form to indicate whether you want to receive emails for all new comments added to that post.

Then in the emails you get, have a link to unsubscribe you from the new comment emails for that post.

Joe Theory  said on Jun 09, 2008:

What I love most is that I am used as the example. Certainly, the name completion is very useful and a great idea that I'm sure to steal.

Tim Koschützki said on Jun 09, 2008:

Lucian Lature: Need some money as in?

Neil Crookes: Hahaha. : P Let's see what the majority says. I was referring to your post subscription idea in the PS of the post. ;]

Joe Theory: Please wait for the Open source project before you steal it. Cheers.

William said on Jun 09, 2008:

Hmmm.. i didn't like it so much.. I think half grotesque.

Steve Oliveira said on Jun 09, 2008:

Not diggin' the new header either. It's a cool concept, but it's kind of what Mariano Iglesias is doing. I'm also not a fan of the round buttons because it doesn't really go with the rest of the site.

Tim Koschützki said on Jun 10, 2008:

William: What do oyu think of the tab completion?

Steve Oliveira: Same question. :)

Delyan  said on Jun 10, 2008:

I prefer the previous header tabs. This PHP-style thing... i don't really like it. Design is design... code is code :) no offence

William said on Jun 10, 2008:

Tim Koschützki: I prefer the previous.. Design must be objective and consistent for any person... Looking the style employed have the impression it seem very old site. What is the role of the colors employed?

Khaled  said on Jun 10, 2008:

Tim what are you doing !!! ;-) the header needs a designer !!!

first, your design is not "cornered" so why did you make the header cornered
second, hover effect is not beautiful ...

maybe, you have to rethink about it ...

BTW the name completion is great

Felix Geisendörfer said on Jun 10, 2008:

Khaled: Don't blame Tim, this has been my master piece, haha. I actually just disliked the old header and wanted something closer to the old one back : |. So yeah, lets try again ; p.

Steve Oliveira said on Jun 10, 2008:

Tim Koschützki: Just tried it now and must admit that I got a tingly feeling in my stomach after I pressed the tab key.

Tim Koschützki said on Jun 10, 2008:

Steve Oliveira: Hehe cool. ; ) Yeah well we will release it as an open source project and add features to it. The feedback is just too good not to do it.

Khaled  said on Jun 10, 2008:

Felix: haha ... I gave Tim some URLs did he pass them to you !! they are a great resource for designing every piece of your site.

BTW, who implemented this idea??

primeminister said on Jun 14, 2008:

hmmm... liked the old header better (as many). Also in FF3 there is some space between the bottom border of the header and the tabs.
But the content is still the same and that rocks! :)

Derek523  said on Jun 24, 2008:

so you guys lookin' for a designer aye?


raajcena said on Sep 15, 2008:

Can I have a Idea about a New Header Design For My latest Designed Website

For This I am looking forward for a Light gradient shade in blue color

If this is possible plz forward me the lessons for this


Raaj Cena

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