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Posted on 7/5/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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Even so I had known about for a while I never really realized the potential of this website to spawn mini-slashdot effects. That was, until I read h3rald's story about his own effect. So I thought that this website was fairly interesting and decided to post one of my older articles on there, just to see what happens. I had choosen my ajax file uploader progress bar one, since I thought it was the one most interesting to people that haven't used cakephp so far.

The Results

The results where quite amazing. I ended up with 6,131 unique visitors that read the article and 490 diggs. Tons of hits compared to my usual visitor numbers (80-200 ppl/day). The weird thing is that I'm not sure how much traffic got used up. In the member area of my hosting company all my traffic stats show 0, even for the previous month, which I hope is not related to me using too much of it ^^. The only numbers I've got are from my usage statistics, but they show 800 mbyte, which I think is *way* too low for having a file-upload demo online. I got 50 gbyte a month, I just hope I've not exceeded them, because the $8 I made on AdSense that day won't be enough for covering it ^^.

The Usage statistics come from Google Analytics if anyone cares to know


Now I have to admit, this entire thing has been fun, and if I'd have those visitors every day AdSense could make a nice addition to my regular income. If I find the time I have a couple of idea's of things I would like to do with this website as an addition of it beeing a weblog. But as far as reality goes that won't happen very soon ; ). So I'll just keep blogging about my cakephp adventures for now.

Some Links

--Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Daniel Hofstetter said on May 07, 2006:

I assume the next goal will be to get slashdotted ;-)

Felix Geisendörfer said on May 07, 2006:

That would be sweet, but I think you need connections with the slashdot mob (news posters) for that one : P.

h3raLd said on May 07, 2006:

Well done, I'm proud of you... :D

Wasn't too hard was it? Especially when you have something relatively cool to propose to the masses, and yes, your article was interesting. If it has "AJAX" or "Rails" in the title you're already half way there, simply because people love to start flames wars about those subjects :P

Congrats again!

Felix Geisendörfer said on May 07, 2006:

hey h3rald, yes I guess the AJAX in the headline really helped, I'll keep it in mind when I start my next digg adventure : p. Until then I'll try to do other things to keep this blog interesting ; ).

Sean Braithwaite said on May 09, 2006:

I found a link to one of your articles on Great stuff!

Felix Geisendörfer said on May 09, 2006:

Hey Sean, didn't even know I was listed there, that's good to know, thanks ;).

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