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If you have a web company in DC, I'm doing you a huge favor

Posted on 14/7/08 by Nate Abele

Hey y'all, big news:

My good friend Jesse Kochis is moving from Boston down to DC this October, and is looking for a company (or companies, if you can talk him into it) to work with. Aside from being a great guy, Jesse is far and away one of the most talented and capable developers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. On top of being an adept developer and architect, his front-end skills are virtually unparalleled.

In fact, Jesse and I met about the same time I was working on some new features that would come to form the basis for Cake 1.2. He and his team of developers has been writing apps on top of Cake 1.2 since the very beginning, and his work has been influential in several aspects of 1.2's design.

I've never endorsed anybody like this before, but as far as I'm concerned, this isn't so much an endorsement as it is a favor to any Washington DC-based internet companies. If you can afford to hire someone in a senior position, you'd be crazy not to; and if you can't afford it, you need to interview him, and then re-examine your budget.


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leveille said on Jul 15, 2008:

Great quick way to get the word out. I'm passing this along now.

NOSLOW  said on Jul 15, 2008:

Would he mind a daily commute to Raleigh, NC? :-)

Jesse said on Jul 15, 2008:

Thanks Nate! Always great having you as a friend.

Mike  said on Jul 15, 2008:

And he's a pretty sweet boss!

Jesse said on Jul 15, 2008:

*shniff* :_(

Collin Reisdorf said on Jul 15, 2008:

After working 1 to 2 desks from him for most of his time here in Boston, I have to second Nate's glowing recommendation, and I have to add that he makes a mean Macaroni & Cheese.

Jesse said on Jul 16, 2008:

Dude, I have to figure out how to grill it. My recipe has improved substantially, 10 times more cheesy creaminess.

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