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First CakeBar meetup in Munich

Posted on 18/11/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

Hey folks,

a bunch of bakers are starting to organize a regular CakePHP meetup in Munich. If you are interested check out their website. The first meeting is on Thursday 7:30pm!

Out of curiosity, anybody interested in having a meetup here in Berlin? Let me know and Tim and I will organize something after CakeFest.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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primeminister said on Nov 18, 2008:

Ofcourse I'm interested! :)

David Persson  said on Nov 18, 2008:

CakePHP meetup in Berlin? I'll be there! Somewhere in Kreuzberg?

Felix Geisendörfer said on Nov 19, 2008:

David Persson: primeminister and me live in Prenzlauer Berg so maybe we will be lazy and do it there : p. Why, you in Kreuzberg?

Tarique Sani said on Nov 19, 2008:

How about a CakeFest in Berlin? several of us from SANIsoft will be there around June 09 for the Coppermine Dev team meetup

David Persson  said on Nov 19, 2008:

Felix Geisendörfer: No, I don't even live in Berlin anymore but am quite frequently in town. I thought you would live in Kreuzberg ... weird I don't know why. Anyway they have 1 or 2 bars around there and it would be nice to just meet some bakers, have an unpretentious beer ... By the way did Nate already move to Berlin? ;)

Tim Koschützki said on Nov 19, 2008:

Awesome news. : )

Yeah we will do something like that in Berlin too very soon.

leo said on Nov 19, 2008:

Yay, CakeFest in Germany would be cool. Berlin is quite a few hours away from my place - but Berlin is always worth a visit :)

Holger said on Nov 21, 2008:

Count me in for a Cakebar/Cakefest/Cakemeetup in berlin. Prenzlauer Berg would be great ;-)

Ralf said on Nov 21, 2008:

I would also love to hear about a Cakebar / Cakemeetup in Berlin soonish... Prenzlauer Berg is mostly walking distance for me ;-)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Nov 21, 2008:

Ralf: We are like neighbors! I live next door to the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden. And primeminister lives down the street as well. We definitley need to get something organized : ).

rikman said on Nov 21, 2008:

Gebongt, so es die Zeit zulaesst. Cheers!

Den Post haettest du auch gleich in Deutsch verfassen koennen ;)

Robert Scherer said on Nov 21, 2008:

After attending the first Munich's CakeBar yesterday, I'll be in Berlin, too!

Ralf said on Nov 22, 2008:

Felix Geisendörfer: When you posted your "Walking" pictures I first noticed that we must be living in the same neighborhood because I could recognize most of the places...

You should do another series of pictures now with first sprinkle of snow ;-)

Jens said on Jan 05, 2009:

Ist was aus dem Treffen geworden?

davidpersson  said on Jan 22, 2009:

Werde auf jeden Fall da sein. Vielleicht etwas später ~1 h...

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